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The first centers of art emerged in France in the 70's. They are places of production and diffusion of contemporary art. They maintain a special relationship with the actual artistic creation and stand close tocurrent artistic events. Designed as places of research and creation, their activities are spread across an annual program of exhibitions, publications and mediation work with broader audiences.

these structures have a wide range of programming and a great capacity of reaction.
For many artists their first exhibitions were driven by these places before their works joined the public collections of Fnac, Frac, or museums, private collectors and foundations.
Spread throughout the territory, they allowed new audiences to encounter the art of their time.


Since its creation in 1992, the association dca contributes to network and bring together the art centers in France with their differences in status and programming. With a current number of 50 facilities, the art centers members of dca are diverse in their history, size, geographical and sociological context.

Mostly supported by public funds (Drac, regions, departments, municipal structures, cities), most of themare associations, although some are managed in-house; (regional, departmental and municipal). Their scope varies from one place to another, depending on their funding and situation: in the city center, suburbs or countryside.


Through DCA, we want to highlight the richness of contemporary art and cultural projects for audiences.

Our collaborations, co-productions, co-publications, national and international partnerships, based onartistic exchanges, are intended to provide art centers greater visibility.



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