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The project originated from the desire to promote contemporary visual arts from a regional territory, the activities of artists too often unknown, and to bring them an additional means of diffusing their work both nationally and internationally.

We have chosen to offer information through the development of a documentation base which brings together biography, a bibliography and various audio-visual documents.

Our website offers a Documentation Base and a Resource Centre which gathers together information relating to the contemporary visual arts from the Nord Pas-de-Calais region. Here you will find lots of information concerning the artists that we select each year and with whom we work in total collaboration. The site also has a professional area and a gateway of links to the structures and institutions operating within the domain of contemporary art.

You will have access to continuously updated information on the artistic activities taking place in our region.


Our first objective is to devote contemporary art to you, the artists, the artworks, the specialists, the students, the professionals and make it accessible to all.


guillaume abdi / jean-louis accettone / franck bernhard / léa bly / jérôme bohée / anaïs boudot / marie bouts / maxime brygo / samuel buckman / chrisy burton / butz&fouque / benoît carpentier / cédric carré / claude cattelain / christophe cellier / yann chaboche / vincent ciciliato / charlotte cochelin / samuel coisne / john cornu / geoffrey crespel / frédéric cresson / joël curtzalfonse dagada aurélie damon / lucille dautriche / éric delayen / maeva deleersnyder mickael demeulemeester / olivier despicht / émilie devillé / patrick devresse / david droubaix / sylvain dubrunfaut / nicolas durand / élodie ferré / audrey finet / chantal fochesato / étienne fouchet / bertrand gadenne / nicolas gaillardon / xavier géneau / david gommez / grégory grincourt / rémi guerrin / jacqueline gueux / vincent herlemont / sébastien hildebrand / aurélien imbert / frédéric iovino / jessika laranjo / mathilde lavenne / estelle lebrun / mélanie lecointe / laetitia legrosdavid leleu / marie lelouche / gauthier leroy / bernard lesecq / carol levy / françois lewyllie / jacques loeuille aurélien maillard / virginie maillard / didier majewski / hélène marcoz / julie maresq / fred martin / françois martinache / anne-sophie maurel / laurence médori / grégoire motte / benjamin ottoz / philémon / éric plancke / michel prinz'ivalli / jérôme progin / hervé robillard / pierre rogeaux / axel rogier-waeselynck / manuel ruiz-vida / mitsuaki saito / dorothée smith /marie sochor / clothilde sourdeval / nicolas tourte / isabelle vannobel / baptiste vanweydeveldt / thierry verbeke / cécile wesolowski / christophe wlaeminck / élodie wysocki / léonie young / fabien zocco


Annette Messager is our godmother and for this we thank her deeply.


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